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Find out information about the Improvised Roots Series I'm presenting in conjunction with Dazzle Jazz Club here!!

Featured Performers March 15/16, 2013 are Joel Harrison, Darol Anger, Art Lande, and Jim White!  Check out these videos from Joel, Darol and Art.

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Improvised Roots #4 March 15/16 2013!

This time around I'll be hosting Darol Anger on fiddle, Joel Harrison on guitar, and Art Lande on piano- these could very well be the most open ended, interactive and freely improvised shows yet! Darol is one of the most influential fiddle players alive today, having played with the original David Grisman Quintet as well as everyone else in the acoustic music realm. Joel is an incredible NYC based guitarist/composer whom I discovered through his "Free Country" recordings, which featured beautiful and intelligent reharmonizations and arrangements of traditional American tunes. Art Lande is one of the most important musicians living in Colorado, period. If you've never heard him play the piano, you need to. He is one of the most open and creative musicians on the planet, and I'm thrilled to have him as a part of this ensemble for two nights!  See the Improvised Roots page for more information, and check out the great videos from Art, Joel and Darol in the sidebar!

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