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Asheville to Ozark

Near Ozark, Arkansas today for the first of two days at the Mulberry Mountain Harvest Festival- we play a late night set tonight (12:30 to 2 am!!) and then play the mainstage tomorrow night. The festival goers are working hard here- it's been muddy, rainy, and cold all day- although I've done my fair share of cold, wet camping, I'm happy yo have the comforts of a tour bus and hotel room available!

Played in Birmingham, Alabama last night- show was fun, but we're all feeling the middle of the tour I think...tough to keep the energy up night after night. Nothing a couple of festival sets can't cure! Had some amazing shrimp creole from a local fish market/restaurant in Birmingham, and also had my laundry "fluff and folded"- one of the simple pleasures in life. Pay someone $14.50 and you get a bag of clean, dry, folded laundry back in a few hours. Totally worth it on a long tour- one less thing to worry about.

Night before was Asheville, NC. Best crowd of the tour- around 800 folks on a Wednesday night. Our drummer Jose Martinez found out he had BROKEN HIS FOOT?!!?? the night before while chasing an unnamed bass player up the stairs of the Georgia Theatre (hey, we all gotta act like kids sometimes, right?). He's played the past 2 shows with a broken metatarsel in his right foot. He has to play the kick drum a bit lighter (he did try to play the first set last night "left footed" if you will, which was amazing to see), but it seems like he'll make it through the tour.

Enjoy the video, this was backstage in Asheville, about 30 seconds after Casey Driessen had walked backstage to see Jason Carter. They hadn't even said hello yet.

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