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3 am in the middle of the Ozark Nat'l Forest- downed trees in the road!

Sunset over Nashville

New toy- reissue Kay hollowbody from Gruhn's Guitars

Harvest Fest came and went- muddy, rainy, but lots of fun. Had several amplifiers (not mine, thankfully) succumb to the environment, which made for some mid-set scrambling both nights. Had a great dinner cooked for us at the fest on Saturday night- nice to be catered to every now and again in the midst of festival chaos. Got to catch up with friends from Yonder Mtn. String Band, who hosted the event- I've known a couple of those guys for years- even went to jr. high and high school with one of them!

Left the fest in the midst of a torrential downpour after our Saturday set- got a few miles out, and the road was completely blocked by some huge downed trees. This was on an extremely windy nat'l forest 2 lane road- not the easiest place to turn around a 40 ft. bus with a trailer. So, at 3 am, we all got out there with our flashlights and headlamps, and helped guide or driver (Brian) backwards up the road for 2 miles until we could turn around and find an alternate route. Managed to save a little yellow and black salamander from getting crushed by the bus at one point.

Went to Nashville for our days off, which turned out to be great. We ran into our friends from Della Mae again, this time at Cafe Marche, an amazing little place where we had brunch in East Nashville. Strangely enough, they were at Harvest Fest too, and none of us had any idea that the others were headed to Nashville. Small world stuff...

Went to the Station Inn for the Sunday bluegrass jam with Vince, Andy, and singer-songwriter Todd Snider as well as Todd's road manager Elvis, which was a hoot. None of us played, it was a pretty mellow scene- decided our time was better spent eating sushi and listening to Todd's great stories about John Prine across the street. Managed to catch up with good friend, collaborator, and former Salmon banjo player Matt Flinner for lunch yesterday, and then went to Gruhn's guitars.

Played a couple of 70's P's, neither was worth the price- I'll find a good old one for a steal one of these days!! But I did find a cool Kay reissue (see pic above) for a killer price that I couldn't pass up. I'm always on the lookout for an electric that does an okay job of recreating an upright-like tone, I'll test this one out over the next few gigs and see if it's the one for the job. Lots of folks ask me why I don't play upright on the road with Salmon, and the answer is simple- it's too loud, and I hate to play my upright bass in environments where I can't hear or even approximate the acoustic tone of the bass. Hence, my continual search for an electric that allows me to play at the appropriate volume for the gig, but one that has some of it's own cool acousitc properties and idiosyncrasies.

In Covington, KY tonight, back at it for the final stretch run through the Midwest

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