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back on the road with Leftover Salmon

Writing from day 3 of our Winter Tour. We're in Seattle on a beautiful, sunny day. New venue for us tonight, called the Neptune Theater- right next to the University of Washington, which has a beautiful campus. Went exploring for awhile this morning when we got here. Now if only there was a Thai or Vietnamese restaurant around here...

Started my vinyl haul at Neptune Records- found Ornette Coleman's "friends and neighbors" and a few other things you can see in the pic.

Day 1 was in Missoula, MT. Visited with an old bass student of mine from my brief tenure at the University of Wyoming- he's now wrapping up his Master's in GIS in Missoula. Had a nice meal at the Catalyst, and some fine single malt at the Rhinoceros. Tried Aardbeg Beist and Lagavullin 12 year, both of which I enjoyed. Aardbeg was woody and mossy, while the Lagavullin had a bit more sweetness- and less peat than their 16 in my opinion.

Yesterday in Spokane seemed really long for some reason. Show was fun, Luther Dickinson from the North Mississippi Allstars sat in with us- his slide playing is fluid and melodic, and his rhythm playing is chunky and greasy. Jose and I have found the pocket pretty naturally on the tour so far- crazy to think we've played at least 704 shows together at this point.

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