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the drive

In the midst of one of the prettiest drives in the country- just hitting 199 south of Grants Pass, OR on our way to hwy 101 down to Arcata, CA. Every time I'm in this part of the world I think about how I'll retire here some day. Could be Arcata, Crescent City, who knows. Such a beautiful juxtaposition of sea, woods and mountains. Smith River, redwoods, blue sky day. Humbling for sure.

Big shows in Seattle and Portland the past couple of days. The band is hitting its stride, and we've been finding some interesting spaces in the music. Pretty fascinating to be a part of the process of musical reinvention- the band has had some of these tunes around for 20 years, and it seems like there's been a willingness on this run to let things morph into what they want to be in 2013. Everyone in the group seems to have a strong individual voice now, and there's a lot of musical trust happening on stage which hasn't always been the case. Got some new tunes coming too, which is always refreshing.

Spent almost 2 hours wandering around Powell's Books yesterday in Portland, looking through all of the used music books. Kicking myself for not buying an old paperback book of folk songs with piano realizations by Benjamin Britten, but $25 seemed steep at the time. Maybe it'll be there next time. Think we're going to be back for New Years anyway. There were some nice little pocket scores of Beethoven and Mozart, but most of that stuff is available on imslp as PDF's nowadays. Settled on a collection of the best music criticism of 2010. Just feel a need to read a well reasoned argument for Lady Gaga. Or against. Not sure where I fall on that.

Arcata tonight.

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